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The ProbaStat Group uses and develops models and methods from the mathematical field of Statistics and Probability, with the aim of applying it to the specific needs of ATM  domain.

Research topics

The main research themes of the group are:

  • Probabilistic techniques for safety analysis of complex and distributed systems in the ATM context: estimation of risk of collision between aircraft, rare event simulation (losses of separation, collision) by Monte Carlo methods.
  • Statistical methods to the needs of the ATM. For example:
    • study of prediction errors aircraft trajectories,
    •  research data from experiments (eg pupillary diameters of air traffic controllers in simulated traffic load)

The main methods used by researchers in the group are:

  • statistical modeling (eg logistic model)
  •  analysis of time series (wavelet filter)
  • the statistical learning methods
  • particulate algorithms (simulation of rare events).

See also page probability and statistics in the research menu.


For some concrete applications to the air traffic management , see page models and analysis for ATM in Applications ATM menu