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Soils are a key factor in agricultural production and environmental protection. Thus, they contribute to ecosystem services provided by agroecosystems, especially provisioning (food, water...) and control (climate, water...) services. Knowledge of the diversity and spatial distribution of physical, chemical and biological properties of soils is a lever to optimize the achievement of these services. Relying on it’s skills for observation, in situ spatial measurements, experimentation and modeling, the main mission of the Soil Research Unit (UR Sols) is to develop research in Soil Science on the interactions between the physical properties of soils and their hydrological and biogeochemical functions. UR Sols deepens the knowledge on soil erosion by water, soil water reserve and the mechanisms of production and release of greenhouse gas emissions from soils. This work contributes to a better soil conservation, a better management of water resources, and the protection of air quality, particularly in the current context of global change. They thus form part of agroecology, a discipline that promotes an agriculture based on the use of interactions between organisms and between those organisms and their environment. The work of the Unit is inherent to the local, national and international scientific dynamic as well as in the socio-economic dynamic of the agriculture and the environment sectors.

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