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[hal-03021014] Thermal structure and source rock maturity of the North Peruvian forearc system: Insights from a subduction-sedimentation integrated petroleum system modeling

Basin modeling is commonly used for the hydrocarbon potential evaluation of underexplored areas, taking into account the full basin history to assess its thermicity and fluid distributions. In the case of forearc basins, however, the influence of the subduction on the internal thermal structure is difficult to predict. The existing subduction thermal models usually focus on the present day lithosphere and do not consider the sediment infill history, while industrial modeling tools handle the thermal evolution of sedimentary basins but not the subduction process. In this paper, we propose a solution model in which the cooling engendered by the subduction is represented by the advective term of the heat conservation energy equation throughout the sedimentation. This study focuses on the Talara-Tumbes-Lancones petroleum province, part of the North Peruvian forearc system. Despite the long term exploration of the Talara Basin, the origin of its massive oil fields still remains questioned. The new subductionsedimentation integrated petroleum system modeling presented here, calibrated by numerous structural and thermometric data, allows to better constrain the thermal structure and source rock maturity history of this forearc system. We show that the exposure of the sedimentary basin to the subducting cold lithosphere, the sedimentation rate and erosion are important factors impacting the maturity of the source rocks. Consequently, even in the same subduction setting, each depocenter of the North Peruvian forearc system presents a different thermal history and maturity timing, and each basin presents an independent petroleum system.

[hal-03016464] Deep sea rock record exhumed on oceanic volcanic islands: the Cretaceous sediments of Maio, Cape Verde


[hal-03016383] The Global Boundary Stratotype Section and Point (GSSP) for the base of the Hauterivian Stage (Lower Cretaceous), La Charce, southeast France




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