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QUARTZ  is a joint research laboratory of Isae-Supméca and l'ENSEA. It is recognised as an EA7393 host team. It results of the merger of the LISMMA (EA 2336) laboratory at Isae-Supméca and the ECS-lab (EA 3649) laboratory at ENSEA. Researchers from ECAM-EPMI and Paris VIII University, IUT de Montreuil and IUT de Tremblay also carry out their research activities. The Quartz Laboratory is a multidisciplinary research unit dedicated to the engineering of complex systems.

It is organised in two directions of research that group the following scientific disciplinary and multi-disciplinary themes :

     I.         Complex Physical and Numerical Systems (SCPN)

Direction SCPN is structured around nonlinear control system design, power electronics, high speed electronics, sustainable systems, renewable energy and mechatronics.

    II.        The Behaviour of Mechanical Systems and Materials (CoS2M)

Direction CoS2M is focused on the study of the vibratory and acoustic behaviour of structures and on the behaviour of materials under severe stresses caused by service conditions. Attention is given to nonlinearities and geometric stresses in the context of analysing and optimising the behaviour of mechanical systems.

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