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​The Neurodegenerative Diseases Laboratory - UMR 9199

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Animal models Biomarker AAV Cognitive impairment Huntington’s disease 3D Rat Calcium Lemur Histology Modèles animaux Animal model In vivo Mouse Maladie d'Alzheimer Astrocyte Aging Cytokines Gene therapy Parkinson's disease Prion Astrocytes réactifs IRM In vivo imaging Comparative anatomy Microglia Metabolism Cortex 3D reconstruction Cell structure Brain inflammation Energy metabolism Excitotoxicity Classification Ketone bodies Atlas MRI T2 Blood-brain barrier Glutamate Brain imaging Microcebus murinus Diffusion 3-nitropropionic acid Mouse lemur Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy DMD Inflammation Neuron counting Spectroscopie RMN Anti-MOG IgG Huntington Glucose uptake Huntington's disease Biological image processing Voxel-wise analysis Brain Calpain Cerebral atrophy Cerebral glucose uptake Metabolites Striatum Métabolisme Neuron-astrocyte interactions Hippocampus Maladie de Huntington GluCEST Age-related macular degeneration Magnetic resonance spectroscopy Astrocytes MRI Cerveau Amyloid Alzheimer's disease Neurodegenerative diseases Huntington disease Gadolinium CNTF Cell morphology NMR spectroscopy Mouse brain atlas Neuroscience Alpha-synuclein Segmentation Métabolisme énergétique Mitochondria PET Mouse model Magnetic resonance imaging Diffusion-weighted NMR Autoradiography Macaque Histologie Neurodegenerative disease Neuroinflammation Excitotoxicité Reactive astrocytes Golden Retriever Muscular Dystrophy GRMD Fibrils Neuroprotection Maladies neurodégénératives Alzheimer