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Industrial Engineering Department

Design Engineering Research Group


Our research aims at assisting complex system design and engineering activities, combining the product/service, process and organization dimensions. The main topics are about diagnosing, modeling, designing, analyzing, simulating and optimizing those complex systems. The aim is to foster innovation to facilitate combined economic, environmental and social transformations. Research projects mostly yield from industrial collaborations anchored in action-based research, in order to propose academically original and industrially relevant solutions. The validation and verification of the proposed model is systematically done through industrial test & deployment, enabling its efficiency and effectiveness to be assessed.


Our research is organized around 3 topics:

1. Design of complex systems

Design of complex systems aims at developing methods and tools supporting decision-making with regard to design of products/services, high-level systems, and organizations. The focus is on enhancing numerical capabilities and simulation processes for preliminary and early design stages addressing system architecture, system confi gurations, value engineering, product-project trade space explorations, lifecycle tradeoffs, etc. Design process modeling and more broadly complex project management are therefore critical issues organized around collaborative design, agile project management and lateral coordination, technology and knowledge transfer, risk and opportunity management, …


2. Design of sustainable systems

Design of sustainable systems consists in modeling, measuring and optimizing the environmental and sustainable performance of complex systems to promote and deploy industrial ecology and circular economy. We cover numerous sectors such as heavy industry (eco-designing energy stations or automotive recycling chains), building and construction (introducing user behaviors to simulate energy consumption) or innovative agrifood value chains.

3. Engineering innovation

Engineering innovation consists in bridging the gap between business strategy, R&D planning and product roadmaps, innovation processes and conceptual design of architecture solutions. In addition, we work on a structured need seeker innovation methodology, named Radical Innovation Design®, for pulling disruptive innovations from the observation of painful usage situations.

4. Project management

Project management consists in developing methods for managing complex design, engineering and infrastructure projects, coping with relations between product, process and organization dimensions. A particular focus is made on modeling, analyzing and making decisions to mitigate potential risks associated with complexity.

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