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This page contains all the articles, conference proceedings and technical notes from the Laboratory of Acoustics and Vibration Analysis (LAVA) of the École Polytechnique de Montréal. The publication list with direct access to editors' versions of the articles is available from the laboratory website.

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Geometrical nonlinearities Recherche directe sur maillage adaptatif Bladed disk Unilateral contact dynamics Blade design Thermo-mechanics Thermo-mécanique Hill's method Bifurcation analysis Unilateral contact constraints Isolat Méthode de Hill Modèle réduit Clearance consumption Amortissement Usure Isola Nonlinear dynamics Compressor blade Sandwich structures Rotor/stator interactions Rotor-stator interactions Frottement Frottement aube/carter Contact Nonlinear structural interactions Stochastic dynamics Amplification des vibrations Théorie de Floquet Acoustical properties Bifurcation Dynamique du contact Aube de soufflante Reconception d’aubes Acoustic package Aubes de compresseur Blade dynamics Turbomachinery Phénomène de Gibbs Design B-spline functions Interaction rotor/stator Friction Harmonic balance method Fan blade Mesh adaptive direct search Blade-tip/casing contacts Méthode d’équilibrage harmonique Méthode de l'équilibrage harmonique Geometric nonlinearities Rotor/stator interaction Blade/casing contact non-linearities Dynamique stochastique Wear Amplification factor Acoustic measurements and instrumentation Bases réduites 3D printing Aube de compresseur Ansys Reduced order model Analyse de stabilité Gibbs phenomenon Bicubic parametric surface Harmonic Balance Method Conception Adaptivity Interactions rotor/stator Revêtement abradable Continuation numérique Non-linéarités géométriques Symétrie cyclique Adaptativité Uncertainty quantification Méthode de l’équilibrage harmonique Thermal effects Rubbing Abradable Analyse fréquentielle Hill’s method Stability analysis Interaction aube/carter Damping Dynamique non-linéaire Non-linear dynamics Cyclic symmetry Contact unilatéral Mistuning Compressor blades Numerical continuation Blackbox optimization Unilateral contact BTT data generation Traitement du signal Interactions structurales non linéaires Contacts aube/carter Désaccordage Blade redesign Floquet theory Abradable coating

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