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IRT Saint Exupéry* is a technological research institute which accelerates science, technology research and transfer to aeronautics, space and embedded systems industries through the development of dependable , robust, certifiable and sustainable innovative solutions. 

At our sites in Toulouse, Bordeaux, Montpellier, Sophia Antipolis and Montreal, we offer an integrated collaborative environment composed of 350 engineers, researchers, experts and PhD students from academia and industry for research projects and R&T services supported by technological platforms around 4 axes :

  • Greener technologies : this axis takes up the technological challenges with the aim of reducing CO2 emissions on the basis of the ambitious objectives set by the International Air Transport Association (IATA) and in line with the research programs of the major prime contractors in the aeronautics and space industries.

  • Smart technologies which aim at developing Artificial Intelligence (AI) and connectivity technologies for systems, especially for critical systems. With the best laboratories in the world, we create robust, explainable, certification-compatible AI: this is the Franco-Quebec DEEL program.

  • Method and tools for the development of complex systems. This axis proposes a set of solutions to facilitate the development, optimization and architecture verification of critical systems in a multidisciplinary environment (Systems engineering, Multidisciplinary optimization activity, Critical embedded systems activity).


  • Advanced manufacturing technologies axis which develops solutions to improve the performance and competitiveness of industries, from the design to the manufacture of critical parts or systems. 

*We are a private research foundation, supported by the French government, which funds the projects in proportion to the industrial contribution and defines the regulatory framework of the foundation. 


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