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Astrophysics - Astrophysics of Galaxies Experimental techniques Chemical kinetics Reaction dynamics Reaction kinetics and dynamics Isomers Helium Helium clusters Planetary atmospheres Laboratory astrophysics Stars fundamental parameters ISM clouds SAXS Molecular beams Atomic and molecular physics Astrophysics - Solar and Stellar Astrophysics Photolysis Binaries spectroscopic Acetylene Asteroseismology Line profiles Planets and satellites composition Collisional broadening Chemical physics Molecular physics Catalogs Fretting corrosion Methods data analysis Optical frequency comb spectroscopy Chemistry IR spectroscopy Atomic and molecular collisions Contact resistance Ab initio calculations Titan Soot Stars interiors Infrared absorption He Low temperature chemistry Methods analytical Artificial Neuron Networks ANN Radio lines ISM Collisions ISM molecules Atmospheric chemistry Excited states Stars evolution Gases CRESU Surveys Low temperature chemical kinetics Vibronic couplings Stars oscillations Dusty plasmas Hydrogen Astrophysics laboratory Potential energy ISM abundances Spectroscopy Quantum dynamics Optical lattice MCTDH Stars solar-type Molecular collisions Molecular processes Tropospheric lifetimes Density functional calculations Quantum chemistry Nanoparticles Parallaxes Methods numerical Potential energy surfaces Nitrogen Kinetics Astrophysics Pressure broadening Photoionization Atmospheres Classical H2 Cold and ultra-cold collisions Proper motions Line shape parameters Cold collisions Astrochemistry Astrometry Linewidths Mass spectrometry Contact voltage Low temperatures Molecular data Chemical reactions Plasma plume Quantum theory Radial velocities Combustion Spectral element methods Quantum Monte Carlo X-ray scattering