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Welcome to the HAL Collection of the GERiiCO laboratory

The GERiiCO laboratory is a research unit of the University of Lille (EA 4073). It is composed of 39 scientists from different faculties. GERiiCO's main focus is the analysis of information  and communication practices, processes and systems that are understood in their linguistic and discursive, technological and symbolic dimensions.

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Nom: Hélène Prost

Collection created and administered on the HAL platform (CCSD) and produced with the help from MSH Dijon
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ENRESSH Report: Overview of Peer Review Practices in the SSH  (01/04/2020)   Moins
« This report identifies the challenges particularly relevant for the SSH, such as different and thus often conflicting research paradigms or epistemological … Continuer la lecture de « ENRESSH Report: Overview of Peer Review Practices in the SSH »

SOS-PGD, le répertoire qui recense les services accompagnant la rédaction des plans de gestion des données au sein des établissements  (01/04/2020)   Plus
VerbAtlas 1.0 is now available for download at  (01/04/2020)   Plus
Influence of Information Quality via Implemented German RCD Standard in Research Information Systems  (01/04/2020)   Plus
Plongez au cœur d’ISTEX grâce à ses enrichissements  (01/04/2020)   Plus

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