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 Digits, architectures et logiciels informatiques

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Matrix multiplication Précision Multi-criteria optimization Randomization Parallel algorithms Digital Signature RSA Floating-Point Numbers Asynchronous iterations Performance Finite element Arithmétique flottante Computer arithmetic HPC Hydrodynamics simulation Error-free transformations Multiplication scalaire Computer architecture Differential power analysis Kulisch long accumulator Performance evaluation OpenTelemac Numerical reproducibility Logistic map Multi- and many-core architectures Automated design Code Synthesis Floating-Point Arithmetic Abstract interpretation GPU Domain decomposition Toeplitz matrix Arithmétique des corps finis Block recombination GPGPU Long accumulator Compensated algorithms Certified numerical accuracy Elementary functions Automated code synthesis Execution-time performance Modular exponentiation Modular Exponentiation PerPI Fuzzy intervals IEEE754 Standard Parallel floating-point summation Arithmétique des ordinateurs Efficient Software Implementation Multiplication Accuracy PRBG Binary field Sequential multiplier LU factorization Horner scheme Error-free transformation Instruction level parallelism FPGA AMNS Memory Storage Cryptography Finite field Cryptographie Midpoint-radius BLAS Binary floating-point arithmetic GPUs Parallélisme d'instruction C software implementation Binary polynomial multiplication Abstract Interpretation IEEE 754 RNS Simple power analysis Chaotic map Multi-precision Parallelism Graphic Processing Units Correct rounding Program Transformation Fixed-point arithmetic Reproducibility Polynomial evaluation Compensation Accurate summation Optimized recursive reconstruction Elliptic curve Parallel implementation Scalar multiplication Numerical Reproducibility Code synthesis Numerical accuracy Sommation précise Reproductibilité Determinism Code generation Floating-point arithmetic Pseudo-random VLIW integer processor