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Biovallée, a case study for ecological transition

The Drôme valley region has often been highlighted for its ecological and social transition over the past 50 years, in particular for its agroecological trajectory and shared river management. Many researchers have chosen it as a case study, but as they belong to different disciplines and laboratories, it's difficult to take a global look at what this territory can teach us. This is the aim of this collection, which lists all the publications concerning transition in Biovallée, so that they can be freely accessed by all. 

Making scientific knowledge accessible and useful

In addition to building up a database of this spatially situated knowledge, the challenge is also to share this scientific knowledge with the general public. This is the objective of the Biovallée association's Pôle des Savoirs, a space for capitalizing on, developing and disseminating the knowledge, practices and innovations of the Drôme Valley region in terms of ecological and social transition. Created as part of the Territoire d'Innovation program, it brings together all those involved in making the Biovallée region a "territory of learning".

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